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About  US

JOY Ministries is a group of musicians who love Jesus and are passionate about worship!


We write original prophetic songs straight from the heart of heaven. These original melodies have changed the hearts and lives of individuals in the community and beyond by leading people to an "encounter experience" with the Lord.  



is an outreach of JOY MINISTRIES and ministers in worship the first Friday of the month at 7pm in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

 Come, expecting to meet with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in an intimate home setting!  JOY Ministries leads intimate worship--straight into the Throne Room, followed by a study into the Word of God.  This assembly ends with finger food and awesome fellowship.

For more information, contact us at:

We have witnessed  supernatural healing and deliverance in this new wave of praise!        (2 Kings 3:1-28)

Joy Ministries is now available for 2024 public events by appointment.

We were created to worship the Creator of the universe. Worship is warfare; when we praise the Lord, we are breaking strongholds of every kind.  


But the people of God will sing a song of JOY like songs at the holy festivals.  You will be filled with JOY as when a flutist leads a group of pilgrims to Jerusalem to the mountain of the Lord to the rock of Israel.   And the Lord will make His majestic voice heard and with angry indignation, He will bring down His mighty arm on His enemies.  It will descend with devouring flames and cloudbursts of thunderstorms, rain and huge hail storms--bringing their destruction.  At the Lord's command, the [enemy] will be shattered.  He will strike them down with His rod, and as the Lord strikes them, His people will keep time with  the music of tambourines and harps.  The place of burning had long been ready for the [enemy].  It has been piled high with wood...the breath of the Lord like fire from a volcano will set it ablaze.

Isa 30:33-39

 Why We Worship

Women Ignited in God's Study
This seasonal group is for women who wish to go deeper in their  relationship with our Holy Bridegroom!  
Our focus remains on Intimacy with God.
Upcoming classes to be announced.

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