Testimonial July, 2017

 It was so powerful to hear the testimonials last night on how our Father has been bringing his glorious splendor to all our petitions through the power of worship and prayer!!!  I was so amazed to hear the miracles !

 I thought it was just my son's and my divine deliverence until last night when other testimonials were declared!!!


Our Father has tapped into our [Encounter] worship and prayer group and supplications in a mighty way!  He showed us last night how wide and how deep is his love for us.


I cannot shut up or shut down the power source that comes through when the Lord has touched you...the way he delivered me and my son!!

It just penetrates like the word says, "a double edge sword that pierces through dividing Soul and spirit, bone and marrow!!"  I now know what that feels like!


He just spoke to so many of us and delivered us and our families!  It was just so amazing and majestic to my mind, soul and body to hear all the works He has done in one week!


Just waiting to see what else He has in store for us.  I feel that this is just the beginning....

Norma, Palm Harbor, FL

Testimonial September, 2017

I just listened to the worship part of your group meeting and it was phenomenal.  You sound like angels singing! I realized that this is TRUE worship--not like our church, with no anointing--they just sing.  

I could literally listen to your group 24/7 and I'm being very serious--I've been healed listening to you! Last night I was up until 1 am listening to that incredible sound! What a huge gift--no wonder people are ushered straight into the Throne room!   Dee, Nashville, TN


Testimonial September, 2017

Those songs that are recorded have been such a blessing to me.  Thank you and the entire Upper Room Encounter Group! XoXo

Geniveve, New Port Richey, FL



Testimonial October, 2017

God uses you and your worship team in such an amazing way.  I absolutely love our Friday night worship. It has been an experience I believe my spirit has longed for.  I am sure there are many more people like me out here.  With your outreach, the Lord can quench the thirst  of so many.

Geniveve, New Port Richey, FL

Testimonial October, 2017

You guys were amazing, I can't wait to be able to fluently play and sing like that one day too ♡ Michelle, New Port Richey, FL

February 11, 2018

May your anointing continue to flow in His Spirit. (Tonight as I could not sleep, and it is almost 4 am, The Word of God and your angelic voices brought peace to my wide awake mind.) Thank you to your Spirit-filled band! Give God all the Glory in all things! 

Karen, Brooksville, FL

2019-2021 Supernatural Healings

Blind eye, chronic depression, back pain, multiple visitations, many visions, shoulder, as well as many testified of supernatural deliverance during the live-stream worship!