JM Songs

History of Songs

A Holy Reverence by Becca Vouros


Behold The Bridegroom by Becca Vouros


Blow Four Winds Blow by Becca Vouros & Anna Beggs

Hide Me (In Heavenly Places) by Becca Vouros

I am Overwhelmed by Becca Vouros

I Will Not Forget by Becca Vouros

Psalm 54 by Becca Vouros

Refreshing Rain by Becca Vouros


Rise Up My Beloved  by Becca Vouros

Song Of Songs by Becca Vouros


Take It To The Altar by Becca Vouros


The Bride by Becca Vouros

The River by Becca Vouros


The Washing Of The Water by Becca Vouros & Anna Beggs


There's No One Like You by Michelle Tos & Becca Vouros

Warriors by Becca Vouros


You Carry Me by Becca Vouros


Your Breath by Anna Beggs


Your Name by Becca Vouros


Your Voice by Becca Vouros & Glenn Liesman


Hide Me (In Heavenly Places)

Was born out of dreaming with the Lord--flying high in the heavenly realms.     Becca

The Washing of the Water

A supernatural song that came about from a miraculous testimony. An elderly woman was inspired by the Holy Spirit with a word of knowledge for a terminally ill man who was spontaneously healed of a brain tumor.  She simply said, "It's the washing of the water of the Word that's healing you now."

As she told me the story, the Lord inspired me to run to the piano and write the song.  Father God spoke to my heart and told me that every time we play and sing this song, many will be healed.

On the first night of our group, six individuals were completely healed of migraines, chronic back aches, brain injuries, and many others.     Becca

Song of Songs  (Song of Solomon 4:8-16)

Reading my devotion, I was inspired to write this song and play it that same week; many were touched by this tender love song as the band played together.  I believe that even the instruments play notes of healing and deliverance!   Becca

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