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December 21st 2019 5 p.m.

Opening my eyes from a late afternoon nap... so exhausted from the week's overload...I fixed my gaze on the double-faced Grand Central Station clock that was situated directly in the center of the old vintage fireplace in the master bedroom. 


As my eyes opened wider, fiery red circles began to form into crystal prisms  until there were thousands rotating around the room.  The strange thing was, I didn't even ponder the source of this magnificent Wonder, I promptly went back to sleep--experiencing a supernatural peace, such that I've never known.


Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.  With sleepy eyes, I called to my husband to answer it, but silence persisted...until I heard the tapping again. An unusually tall gentleman with absolutely no hair, and blazing eyes that reminded me of thunder and lightning but the bluest sky you've ever seen...greeted me warmly by name.  I asked him if I could help him, but he just simply replied back, "I'm here to fix your back.". How did he know that my lower back has been hurting for several weeks?  I then asked him if he was a doctor...a chiropractor...And he softly said, " I am the physician."

"But why would you want come to my house and help me fix my back?" I retorted.

With tears streaming from his face from my unbelief, I reached out and embraced him... And in an instant, my back was healed... And then I spontaneously woke up...

Was this dream? Was this reality? Did I have an out-of-body experience? Was my encounter with an angel? Did I experience the Manifest Presence of God?

All I know is, I was once riddled with back pain and now I am healed!

We have been plowing the soil of the atmosphere around us in our own new home that the Lord had promised to us.   He also spoke a double anointing--symbolic of the big double doors at the entrance.  We are preparing for His presence on a regular basis... And indeed has been so faithful to show up every time!

Glory be to the most high God!              Becca


                   Hawaiian Luau Holy Ghost Style


July 27th 2019 7:42 p.m.

As we all gathered together for our annual JOY Ministries Hawaiian Luau... I began to sing, "Send Your fire send your rain, pour the oil in Jesus name... loose the winds, that bring heaven's change..." And as I was playing the chords to this chorus, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to my heart and told me to call a beautiful young lady to the piano and sing a song of deliverance over her.


I wrestled in my spirit over this request as I thought it was odd...Many from different churches attended.  I had never done this before, and what would people think? 

So, I quickly called the young mother over and began to prophecy over her and sing songs of deliverance.  She then raised her hands to the Lord and began to laugh and cry and praise God!

She then testified that she laughed because the demon of epilepsy ran away as the song was played and sung.   The Lord showed her how small the he enemy is and how big our Savior is!  She has not had another seizure since!

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