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Do you ever feel like you're so far gone? Like, "God how can you forgive me after all that I've done??"  Your shame and regret seem like they eat you alive, not mention the guilt that you bury inside.  Believe me, I can relate to who you are.  I may look like I've got it all together, but you can't see my scars.  There's pain and there's hurts, though I don't like to use the word, "regret "  because I learn from my past  although at times, it's hard to forget.  But every day, I strive to know the lover of my soul--the one who takes my brokenness and promises to make me whole.  He promises to heal me mind, body and soul.  He'll restore your life and give you a better future.  He will heal the pain, and the wounds he will suture.  Surrender your life to the One who gave you His, and I promise you that there's no greater love story than this!